Open for business

We hope you like the new look of the New Hope website. But, more importantly than just the appearance, the new website is designed to be more interactive. Pastor Dwayne, the church staff and leaders can now log-on to the website to update information without having to go through the website administrator. We will also open new features in the near future, such as photo galleries and the ability to subscribe to the news & blogs as well as comment on posts.

What is this?

The page you are on right now is for up to date news about our church activities. The “posts” on this page are usually not deleted and will also serve as a history of our events and news items. As more people embrace the internet as a way to stay connected, this website will be a useful tool for the New Hope community.

Get involved

If you are a New Hope leader and want to be able to contribute to the website on behalf of your ministry, contact Dennis Dunford for more information. Phone (740) 886-7892  One last thing, just about every page will have this little share button you see below. Click on this to share a page with your friends on Facebook or any other social network.