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Four books you should read

by Dwayne Shugert

For those of you who do not get New Hope UMC’s newsletter (you can sign up for it here, here is the latest article: John Wesley the founder of United Methodism wrote a letter to John Premboth (a pastor under the leadership of Wesley) on August 17th, 1760 in which he stated the importance of […]

New Video for this Sunday August, 7

by Dwayne Shugert

Here is the new video for this Sunday… I want to continue to encourage you to read the scripture for this week as we prepare for worship.  The scripture is Mark 9:2-13, 33-41…

For Sunday 7/31 – Mark 8:14-30

by Dwayne Shugert

Check out the new video on Facebook, here is the link Read the scripture for this week, Mark 8:14-30, each day, several times a day.  We do this so that we can learn Jesus.  So that we know who it is we are following and what Jesus was all about.  We can not follow someone […]

New Video for worship this Sunday July, 24

by Dwayne Shugert

Here is the link to the video for this Sunday…we will be discussing, studying and learning from Mark 7:1-23. Read the scripture each day, several times a day… Feel from to post comments…see you Sunday.

Sunday July 17 – Mark 6:30-56

by Dwayne Shugert

Greetings in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I have been on vacation this past week, so we did not have a sermon Wednesday. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have reading to do! We are still working out way through the Gospel of Mark and our scripture for tomorrow […]