Sunday School

If you are not sure which class is best for you, visit the Welcome Desk for help.

All Sunday School classes begin at 10:10am

Pre-School – teaches our little ones Bible stories, color work sheets and games that make learning fun.

Middlers – Are taught Bible verses and the books of the Bible, also the many activities that go with them.

Junior and Senior High Class – They are using “talk sheets” for teens and study topics appropriate to the interest of teens.


Adult Classes:

New Generation – This class is going through the Bible one chapter at a time to get a better understanding of how God wants us to live out lives.

Encouragers – This class has a study guide to learn by.

Koinonia – Adult group of singles and couples, studing Biblical topics for today’s life skills.

Ladies Class – This class is doing a Bible study that takes on problems of family and world events.

Sunday School-10:10 to 11:00am