Emergency Relief

New Hope opens its doors when we are in need or a local Cooling Station or Warming Station.  If there are local communities nearby needing showers and cots to sleep on, we will open.

Keep up to date on local events and emergency-related issues through the Lawrence County Ohio Emergency Management Agency’s Facebook page.

If you would like to support one of our local emergency relief agencies and want your donations to stay local and help disaster victims in Lawrence County, we recommend:
Lawrence County Disaster Fund
P.O. Box 517
Ironton, Ohio 45638

These monies donated to the Lawrence County Disaster Fund are managed under the Ironton – Lawrence County Community Action Organization. A CAO fiscal employee issues the purchase orders, makes sure invoices are managed and writes checks from the account at CAO. All funds are subject to audit and regular review. Decisions on what projects to fund are made jointly by the Lawrence County Long Term Disaster Recovery Committee, a volunteer committee whose goal is to assist with unmet needs after a disaster for those unable to recover on their own.

The Rome Ministerial Association Food Pantry assists those in need by providing food for hungry families in eastern Lawrence County and specifically the Fairland School District. Our primary focus is on families with young children, senior citizens on limited incomes, and the disabled. This ministry is designed to help people stretch their dollars by providing them with non-perishable food items no more than one time per month. Holiday giving also flows through and is coordinated by the food pantry.