About Us

If you’ve never been to church before, if you’ve given up on church, or if you’re looking for a church that understands the specific challenges and stresses you face, then New Hope is for you.

New Hope began as the congregations of the Proctorville and Rome United Methodist churches united to form one body. Their vision was to reach out to people with the message of God’s love. Today we have a regular attendance of about 75. While the growing number of people is significant, the real thrill is seeing lives changed by God’s power. We invite you to come discover what God might have here for you.

At New Hope, we believe that God created mankind in His image. Unfortunately, by choosing to live life our own way, we became separated from God. Because there was no other way, God sent Jesus to die on the cross in payment for our sin. Anyone who is willing to accept God’s gift of forgiveness and give Him the title and keys to their life can become one of His children.

Our Mission

“We strive to be a caring congregation that creatively connects people to God and one another.”

Our Vision (To fulfill our mission we strive to provide:)

  • Radical Hospitality
    • Practicing the gracious love of Jesus; offering His gracious invitation and reception to all.
    • Providing a spiritual home and helping people discover for themselves the richness of life in Christ.
    • Reaching outward to those not yet known to us, but known and loved by God.
  • Loving Fervent Worship
    • Cultivating an environment in which God can meet with and speak to people, transform lives, pardon sins, heal wounded hearts, renew hope, shape new decisions, provoke personal growth, inspire compassion.
    • Creating events that people can seek and encounter God in Christ and discover and build relationship with Christ and with each other.
  • Intentional Faith Development – Knowing Christ
    • Coming to know Jesus through the Spirit and together, learning and practicing His grace, forgiveness, patience, kindness, gentleness, love, peace and joy.
    • Providing opportunities to learn and grow in Christ together through studies, classes, support groups, and small groups.
  • Risk-Taking Mission and Service
    • Creating projects and works that make a positive difference in the lives of others, whether they become part of our fellowship or not.
    • Promoting the goodness and peace of Christ into the community to strengthen and bless it, and demonstrate the love and grace of God to all.
  • Extravagant Generosity
    • Giving, sharing, and sacrificing to others and to God without a need for return as we experience the giving, sharing and sacrificing of God in Christ to and for us.

Our Core Values

  • Striving to know and follow God as revealed in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in scripture and prayer
  • Learning to do all things, great and small alike, with great love
  • Developing hearts of peace in all relationships
  • Providing a safe sanctuary and place for everyone responding to God Who is pursuing them.
  • Growing in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ, using our heads, hands, and hearts
  • Ministering to one another from cradle to grave
  • Participating with God in His mission to the community near us and the world beyond us

Our Worship Services

We have one worship service at New Hope on Sunday mornings at 10 am.  If you appreciate old and new hymns, solos, as well as some more modern worship songs, you will be right at home here.  The sermon is designed to be Biblically based, relevant to daily life, interesting, and enjoyable.

Don’t worry, we don’t make you stand and introduce yourself! You can meet and mingle with the members and other guests. You might just run into a friend or neighbor.

Our Leaders

You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of people who have more passion for their work. Not only do they enjoy their jobs – both paid and unpaid, but they also enjoy why they do it — to share their love for Christ with others. They bring a heart for the Lord and honor Him with their excellence.

New Hope Church

As of November 1, 2023, New Hope is an independent church, not affiliated with a denomination.  While many of our practices are still Wesleyan in nature, the church had reached the point that in order to best reach those in the Rome and Proctorville areas and beyond, it was time to do it without those denominational bonds.

If you have any questions about our beliefs, please contact us.